The Elective Dictatorship

Boris Johnson & generals

The dangerous waters of Elective Dictatorship. A Reboot* analysis.

Where did this phrase first arise and how close are we to that reality under the present government?

Does the EU Want Us Back, And On What Terms?

Does the EU Want Us Back and On What Terms?

This Reboot* Analysis looks at what factors will drive a more positive UK-EU relationship.

We believe that Remainers will have to be more realistic about meeting both parties needs.

The Rocky Road Back to the EU

This Reboot* analysis looks at the various options being put forward as a soft return to the European Union for the UK. The answer may surprise you.


The Reality of British Politics

Britain is awash with good people with good intentions yearning for better politics
and a better government. But we never seem to get either, and it’s certainly not for
want of trying. Things are getting in our way – let’s spell them out.

The Argument for Reboot

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Britain is in an existential crisis. But where there is danger, there is also opportunity. We can, if we choose, move on and rebuild stronger and more cohesively. Reboot offers a roadmap. Change is hard, and it needs many small steps to come about – it requires active participation. Yours.

This article was originally published by Central Bylines https://centralbylines.co.uk/what-do-you-mean-reboot-gb/

Labour and a Progressive Alliance

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A progressive alliance is Labour’s watershed: is it still a serious political party? The idea of a politically Progressive Alliance, made from centre-left parties, to take on the Tories has grown in popularity.  To the point where it is almost the only positive idea in town.  But for that to work, it has to include the Labour Party.

The Moral Case for a Progressive Alliance

In a response to the Red Historian Simon Pease, a former British diplomat makes the moral case for supporting a Progressive Alliance. In these exceptional times, we need an exceptional remedy.