Enough is Enough

What is government for? To protect the country and its people? Secure rights and protect us from violence or exploitation? Or to provide what we cannot do ourselves?

Are we being protected or served? On July 19 2021, the UK government removed all mandatory Covid protections and left us to our own devices amid a global pandemic.

Our everyday rights are being diminished with new bills on policing, controlling protest, how elections and the NHS are managed. We are no longer European citizens with guaranteed rights. The countryside and the climate’s future is not secure. The social safety net is in free fall. Taxes are now the highest outside war.

Yet many don’t even vote or engage, believing nothing makes a difference. But it does. Politics affects everything – from the air, we breathe to the leaking roof on your child’s school to the in-home care your elders receive and the quality of the hospital you visit. You can ignore politics, but it won’t go away. Politics now is done to us by people far away from our everyday experiences.

Good governance matters. Today’s government is particularly corrupt, incompetent, and disinterested in ordinary lives. But it’s the way politics is organised that gave us an 80 majority from a minority of the popular vote. We are being steered off the road away from the values of the majority.

This is no longer our country. We don’t consent to weaken Parliament, dismantle checks and balances, privatise health and care, or demonise immigrants and refugees.  We will not learn to live with losing hundreds of fellow citizens monthly.

So it is time to take back control. Every one of us. Reboot GB is full of people like you.  Those who want something better, who have the ideas of how to Fix Britain. We must remake our democracy, one Democracy Hub at a time.  DIY politics to stop our country from collapse.

It is time to Reboot Britain.

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