Who are you?


“We” are a collection of individuals with previous campaign, political and management experience who are fed up with what has happened to the country since 2016. We are patriots who want a fairer, more accountable society starting with a new constitutional settlement and proportional representation.


Are you funded?


Right now, we are using personal savings and have a small crowdfunding campaign. All your donations are very welcome as a lack of resource limits what we can achieve as part-time volunteers. Any high-net-worth individuals reading this page, please see me later!


I agree with most of the Ten, but not X.  Is it still for me?


The TEN is the starting point for a country-wide discussion on what a Progressive Alliance government should achieve. The TEN has been designed to correct the imbalances and failures of our unwritten constitution and electoral systems, construct an economics that works for people and planet, and introduce fairness and justice into a system that favours the rich over the poor. We aim to create a more healthy political ecosystem to allow more people to participate in and shape democracy. If you support that goal, Reboot* is for you.


What are you trying to do?

Here are some jobs Reboot* is working on now; these include:

  • Building a coalition of civil society groups to support a Progressive Alliance approach at the next General Election;
  • Working out what a Progressive Alliance pledge should be both for the groups and individuals;
  • Working with the Remain community to explain the need for reform before the EU will agree to the UK rejoining;
  • Building up the skills of activists so they have the confidence to argue for a progressive policy agenda.

If there are other tasks you want to address, email us at info@rebootgb.today.


What makes you unique? What’s your USP?


We are not a political party or a single-issue group that has to defend its agenda.  Reboot* is looking forward to our non-existence when the job is done. We genuinely want to work with as wide a range of others as possible, without taking them over or stopping them from doing their particular thing.  Our USP is the completeness of our vision. We believe hope is power.


What will becoming a member do for me?

We are currently building a members’ platform to share all we know and signpost what other resources are available. We will build you up. We will listen to you: tell us what needs fixing, and we will do what we can to make it better. Reboot* isn’t about us being leaders; you don’t even need to know our names as long as our ideas are getting widespread currency.  Help if you can contribute your support, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf.