The Pledge

Dear Opposition Party Leaders,


With its huge majority in the House of Commons gained on a minority of the vote, the present corrupt government is a gross affront to democracy. It cannot continue.

You know that the Conservatives will aim to entrench this position and enrich themselves. If they succeed, the country will be condemned to perpetual minority rule, for that is what it is. The fractures in our society will deepen. The consequences will continue to be terrible for the majority – and the future of the nation’s children and grandchildren will be bleak.

I, therefore, pledge that I will support whichever candidate, from any party, that best meets the following criteria:

  • Is most likely to beat the Conservative candidate in my seat at the next General Election.
  • Belongs to a progressive party committed to working with other parties for the country’s good, not for party advantage.
  • Belongs to a party that makes a formal commitment to the introduction of electoral reform leading to fair representation based on a proportional system.
  • Belongs to a party committed to a programme of national renewal – constitutional, economic and social – to create a more equitable and more local society. I want to live in a country where everyone’s voice can be heard and decisions are made close to home.
  • Belongs to a party that addresses the climate crisis and supports a Green New Deal.

My vote is available if you want it.  I will be campaigning to get as many people as possible to support this pledge. We are the voters, and as public servants, it is your job to represent our concerns.


NOTE: This Pledge contains a set of objectives Reboot* believes are consistent and necessary to achieve the best outcome. In the event it became clear before any general election that not all these objectives would be achieved, it would be necessary to review the commitments it contains, in order to ensure the most operationally important objectives were achieved. We will discuss this with you and let you know of any intended changes.