We are local neutral, non-party-political spaces where people can gather to discuss:-

How we are governed, locally and nationally

What needs to change, locally and nationally and

How they can contribute to making that change happen.

These are the principles designed to keep your meetings positive, inclusive, and respectful of all contributions.

You are welcome to run your Democracy Hub™ as you see fit, but Reboot* asks two things of you. Both are politically uncontentious.

Run a ‘Register to Vote’ campaign. Far too many people, especially 18 to 24-year-olds, aren’t registered to vote.

Help get out the vote at election time(s).

Reboot* will act as a resource and support for Democracy Hub™ activities. But it is your democracy, let’s use it.

Bring Democracy Home 

The Case for Democracy Hubs™

There is a lot of interaction on social media but it rarely leads to deep understanding and change. That is why we need to meet face-to-face somewhere safe. Neutral spaces where we can learn and grow in confidence.

United Kingdom’s democracy is threadbare and we as citizens need to reclaim it and rebuild it up one stitch at a time. We can be that candle that lights up the darkness.

Reclaim our Democracy

The United Kingdom believes we have the mother of Parliaments, providing a model for universal suffrage and that this is a meritocracy – these are at best half-truths. Our citizens are sometimes subjects and our rights are not guaranteed. 

We are uneducated in how our country works. Why? Because it suits our political class for us to be passive and submissive. That needs to end otherwise democracy will fade. Keeping it alive is everyone’s job.

Want to know how to start your Hub?


There is a whole Democracy Hub™ toolkit ready and waiting for you. With guidelines to set up a Hub, how to run your first meeting, how to interact with local politicians and all the publicity elements you will need to get you going.