Can the English find inner calm and define the nation without A N Other to fight? Or blame? 

Gareth Southgate - Open Letter to England

Sometimes the right words appear from the most unexpected places. Modern English football has a positive message about what today’s England looks like.

Eulogy for an Englishman

Using her personal history Lyn Dade reveals the character that made England in the twentieth century. What can we learn from this today?

What is wrong with the English?

A Scot living near the Welsh border asks what is wrong with the English. Can we recover from a history of Empire and colonisation?


It’s peculiar that we should even feel the need to try to define Englishness, since we and the world have been able to define us for at least the last 150 years.  It’s only recently that we have found it difficult to reconcile who we think we are with who we thought we were.