Democracy Hubs™ Toolkit

How to Guides

The Basic Introduction to Democracy Hubs™

A presentation that your group can use to introduce the topic to each other, other groups and potential new members.

Just download and run anywhere.

How to Run A Democracy Hub™


A guide to start you on your path. We are giving you a step by step guide to running a Democracy Hub™

How to Make Change

Once established your Hub particpants will want to start work. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting going.

Promote Your Hub

Democracy Hub Poster

This is an adaptable PDF file that you take and make your own and promote your Democracy Hub meetings.

Democracy Hub Twitter Tile

This is another adaptable PDF that you can use to promote your Democracy Hub meetings on Twitter and other social media.

Democracy Hub Facebook Tile

This is an adaptable PDF that you can alter to personalise and promote your Democracy Hub meeting on your local group Facebook page or post on to others groups.

DIY Politics – How to make an impact

Part 1 - Focus

Decide what you want to achieve.  Be honest about your resources. Be parted for the long road to gaining influence.

Part 2 - Prepare

To be effective you have to focus on what you can influence.  Gather your resources and then learn to work them.

Part 3 - Plan

Who do you need to influence? What is your strategy? What resources have you lined up to achieve it? What are your messages?

Part 4 - Promote

This talks you through using the media.  How to approach them, whether it is locally or nationally. Tone of voice

Part 5 - Messaging

When you have something to say you will need to release a press release. Here is a guide to doing just that.

Want to Run a Register to Vote Campaign

When your Democracy Hub™ is up and running you will want to start making change.  Registering voters is a non-contentious but very important step to increasing the franchise and especially young voters.