Democracy Hubs™ Toolkit

Why Registering to Vote matters

Close to 50% of 18- to 24-year-olds aren’t registered to vote. Nor are far too many people from Black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities. This is a crisis of democracy in and of itself. But it’s also an opportunity.  By increasing registration – and subsequent turnout – we have the potential to elect a progressive government at the next General Election. Even with our winner-take-all voting system

By registering people who are more likely to vote progressive – as young people are – we can shift the balance of power in constituencies. There are approximately 300 ‘safe’ seats. In all other constituencies increasing the progressive vote can make a real difference to the outcome.  In many Tory-held seats their majorities are often lower than the number of people that don’t vote.  By getting more people, especially young people, to vote you can change the outcome.

The ethical argument is also important. Encouraging electoral participation is simply the right thing to do.

Campaign Materials 

Register to Vote Infographic

Download a handy Infographic for use on street stalls, as a giveaway and to add to your supporter emails and group tweets.

Voter Registration Briefing

This guide gives you a screen by screen workflow of how to register anyone as a voter.

Voter Registration Centre Poster

A PDF that you can alter to advertise your street stalls and events to promote voter registration.



Voter Registration Centre Twitter Tile

Use these Twitter tiles to promote where you are holding your Voter Registration Centres.