British Constitution

How does Britain evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century?

The section has articles on the reality of current British politics, the impacts of a First-Past-the-Post voting system and our Prime Minister’s role in the Elective Dictatorship.

Current Legislation 

What is the Reboot* View on the current Bills going through Parliament?

The section has articles on the key bills going through Parliament right now. The bills that will change our rights and reduce our freedoms. 

Voices for Change

Fighting off despondence and grief at the loss of the country you believed in?  Here are articles to return hope in the future.

The worst of times is the moment when change is both desired and most achievable. The planet and the state needs reorganisation. Here are some ideas to move that forward.

The Union

In a Post-Brexit world, how does the United Kingdom stay together in peace – and prosper?

Devolution and differing opinions about the UK’s relationship with Europe have fanned the flames of nationalism in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Can the Union survive?


Can the English find inner calm and define the nation without AN Other to fight?

Now Brexit is done attention has to return to what our nations want from the Union. That needs a clear sense of identity and willingness to share from England. What is the modern English identity?

Relationship with Europe

Brexit relations with the EU consume a huge amount of political energy. Realistically, what does the future hold?

Withdrawing from the European Union unilaterally will have a long and complex legacy. For Remainers it started the battle to return. To Leavers’ it represents ‘liberation’. For businesses, musicians, those with foreign homes or living in the EU and EU citizens in the UK it represent chaos, confusion and stress. So what now? What are our options going forward?

Democracy Hubs

How do we campaign as David against the Goliath of money and privilege of the 1%?

There is an unholy trinity of bills going through Parliament to make it harder to campaign and protest about the way our country is heading. Rather than despair, we need to respond positively. The Reboot* answer is Democracy Hubs; see the case for them here?

Progressive Alliance

Can the Centre-Left ever unite to create a government of the best of us, for the good of all of us?

Party tribalism has produced a log jam in UK politics, which erodes voters’ faith in democracy and breeds disillusionment with politicians. Can an Alliance of democrats unite to save the country and move us forward?

From a National Correspondent

Personal pieces by guest writers on today’s issues and how they feel about them.

The personal is political at Reboot*. Guest writers with passion and expertise are showcased in this space. 

Podcasts and Videos

This page has Reboot’s video and podcasts for a new voice re-imagining British politics.