Make Change

Change starts with a desire for things to be different. It is an act of will, your will. Everything else follows from that decision. We have had enough, and together we can create real change.

Politicians follow the thinking of people. That is why they spend money on opinion polls and focus groups. They gather up ideas from outside and then promote them.

Reboot* will provide them with a blueprint for the change we want to see in the world.  If enough of us get behind it, politicians will follow our lead. As our country and our political system are being shredded, many are trying to find a way out. This is the banner that all those who know the country is broken can rally around.

By joining in numbers, we will encourage the political parties to align with our agenda, the TEN. It all starts with you – one citizen at a time. Light your candle in the darkness

We pledge to help fix Britain – for our futures, for our children’s futures and to make a better Britain.