Who Are We?

Reboot* began when two old friends, Liz Crosbie and Lyn Dade, got fed up with moaning on Twitter and decided to try and intervene with a positive agenda for change.  The idea was to plant a banner in the ground around which progressives could gather.


We know many people who feel the same about our politics and our institutions but need a place to start to build a coherent alternative. We don’t have all the answers – far from it – but we know many others that do.


There are thousands of dedicated activists with expertise in all areas of this agenda – from constitutional geeks to legal advocates wanting to deliver the rule of law and justice.  The world is not short of policy ideas, just political will.


Our ask from these people is ‘Join with us’. Help to build both the detail, and the cohesive whole, that will deliver a greater Britain. Our ask from each individual is simple: dare to dream. We need your hope as well as your views and opinions. This process is for everyone to contribute transparently.


We began Reboot* because we had to do something to address the slow death of democracy here in the UK. But it’s not ours. Whether it succeeds or not is down to you, and your friend, and your friend’s friend and your neighbour.